3 x 500pcs 3MM Round Top LED Diode

Features: Convenient for DIY and repair equipment and electrical appliancesPerfect use for home.....

300 Pcs Diodes Kit Rectifier Schottky
$23.05 $26.80

8 type in package (per kit):20pcs 1N4007 diode20pcs 1N4148 diode10pcs 1N5817 diode10pcs 1N5399 diode.....

3000pcs LL34 SMD Zener Diode Pack Patch Diode Set

Description:3V0 3V3 3V9 4V7 5V17V5 8V2 10V 12V 15V16V 18V 20V 24V 1N414815 values, 200pcs each value.....

300pcs 0805 Ultra Bright SMD LED Light Emitting Diode

Feature:Name: Ultra Bright Light-Emitting DiodeColor: White, Yellow, Blue, Green, RedPack: 0805Size:.....

8mm Red/Green/Blue 4 Pin Light Emitting Diode
$13.09 $19.25

Feature:Size: 8mmShape: RoundEmitted Colour : Red / Green / BlueLens Color : DiffusedLuminous Intens.....