100PCS 5MM 6 Color Straw Hat LED Emitting Diodes Water Clear DIY Wide Angle Light
$4.34 $5.43

Specification:ColorSizeWavelength(nm)(if=20mA)Voltage(V)(if=20mA)Lens colorRed5mm620-6301.8-2.3Clear.....

10Pcs MBRF20100CT 20A 100V TO-220 Schottky Diode
$6.37 $7.96

Features: Highly Stable Oxide Passivated JunctionVery Low Forward Voltage DropMatched Dual Die .....

120pcs 12 Values Commonly Used Electrolytic Capacitors Meet Lead Free Standard
$4.49 $6.07

Description:50V: 0.22uf  0.47uf  1uf  2.2uf  4.7uf  10uf  22uf 16.....

200pcs 10 Values Transistor
$7.20 $10.00

Description:S9012 S9013 S9014 13001 2N3904 2N3906 S8550 S8050 C1815 A101510 values, 20pcs each value.....

200pcs 25 Types 630V Metal Film Capacitors Assortment Kit
$25.72 $32.56

200pcs 25 Types 630V 0.001uf~2.2uf CBB Metal Film Capacitors Assortment KitDescription:1. Quantity: .....

200pcs 3mm 5 colors LED Light Emitting Diode
$6.66 $8.03

Description:Size: 3mmCurrent : 20mAVoltage: 3VColor: red, blue, yellow, green, white5 colors, 40pcs .....

204pcs 24Values 400V CBB Metal Film Capacitors Assortment Kit
$32.87 $35.34

Description:Quantity: 204pcsValue: 24 KindsCategory: Film capacitorStructure: Fixed capacitorMain ap.....

3 x 300pcs 15 Values TO-92 Transistors Pack Transistor
$27.56 $39.37

Description:There are 15 values:S9012, S9013, S9014, S8050, S8550, 2N3904, 2N3906, BC327, BC337, Tl4.....

3 x 375pcs Each Box 3MM 5MM LED Light Emitting Diode
$19.62 $28.43

Features: Conventient for DIY and repair equipment and electrial appliancesPerfect use for home.....

30pcs TIP120 NPN TO-220 Darlington Transistors Field Effect Transistor
$17.30 $18.21

Features:Manufacturer P/N: TIP120 NPNPackage: TO-220Package included:30 x TIP120 TO-220 Darlington T.....

40 Pin T Type GPIO Adapter Expansion Bread Board For Raspberry Pi 2 Model B / B+
$6.36 $8.26

40 Pin T Type GPIO Adapter Expansion Bread Board For For Raspberry Pi 2 Model B &.....